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A Guide to Custom Hat Embroidery

Embroidered hats are a perfect way to make your brand stand out and market your business or team. KBETHOS sells a range of hat types that are perfect for every shopper, including blank hats you can embroider yourself. We have a vast collection of styles that are blank, so you can customize them after receiving your shipment. Find the blank hat that you need for your custom hat embroidery here.  

Select a Hat Type 

You can’t order just any hat, as there are many styles for you to choose from, and some even come in a range of materials. The most common types of hats include: 

  • Baseball cap
  • Bucket hat 
  • Trucker hat 
  • Fitted flat brim 
  • Snapback 
  • Boonie hat 
  • Beanie 

As you search through our types of hats for embroidery, consider what you need and who the hat is for. If you own an outdoor adventure company, a custom snapback, boonie, or bucket hat may be ideal for your shoppers. Knit beanies, on the other hand, are perfect for winter and always look stylish. 

 Buy a Range of Sizes 

Each type of hat won’t fit every head shape, so KBETHOS has blank hats for men, women, and youth. If you’re a business buying hats to sell, consider your target market to determine whether you need options for a wide range of people. 

Adjustable hat options, such as baseball, trucker, and snapback hats, are also great options because the wearer can alter the sizing according to their head shape. 

Decide on a Design 

When embroidering hats to reflect your brand, the design is one of the most important aspects to consider. Many companies use their logo for the embroidered design since it is the clearest symbol of their brand. 

As you decide on a design, you should also think about how the colors for the custom hat embroidery go with the shade of the hat. In addition to carrying an extensive selection of hat styles, we have many colors for you to choose from. Black, gray, and white are classic options that go with nearly any logo. However, you could also select a brighter hat color if it goes well with your design; vibrant shades also capture people’s attention quicker. 

Decide On an Embroiderer

Once you have your hats, you’ll also need to decide whether you’ll embroider them yourself or hire an outside business to do this. Both choices work wonderfully and will depend on your skill level with a sewing machine. 


Get your blank hat from KBETHOS, so you can add your embroidery today! We’re a hat wholesaler with many options that are perfect for any business. Please contact our team if you have questions about any of our hat options or this guide to custom hat embroidery.