The Different Hat Trends in 2021

Hats are quite a versatile apparel item. They provide protection from the elements and offer individualized style. How have the trends changed over time?

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There are some types of headwear that have never gone out of style. Others have popped in and out of fashion throughout the decades. There are a variety of hat types that resonate with people around the world. In looking at the different hat trends of 2021, there are many we’ve seen before and some that offer a new spin on a reliable item.

The Standby Hats

The standbys are the hats that have always been on-trend no matter what. These hats may be worn by athletes or workers or may serve a function that is always necessary. In exploring this group of hats, consider the ways they’ve stayed relevant throughout history.

Dad Hats

Dad hats are typically soft, six-paneled, unstructured hats that don’t keep their domed shape when not on a head. They also have a pre-curved brim on the front. These caps are resilient and used for many occasions. They often have simple embroidered designs or logos on the front.

Dad hats are lacking in the embellishments that many other hats may have, which may be why so many people are drawn to them. Their name comes from the days when caps were decidedly too large for children’s heads and only intended for adult wear. Though dad hats originally became trendy in the early 1900s, they are still popular today.

Baseball Caps

Baseball hats are exactly what the name suggests. Made popular with the beloved American sport, baseball caps first became known in the 1860s. They consisted of a wide and curved brim, a rounded dome top that was structured to keep shape even when not on the head, and a button on top.

For over a century, these caps have graced baseball fields all over America and the world. They were and still are worn by certain types of workers as part of a uniform, as is the case with some trade workers and food service employees. Additionally, they are sometimes worn by athletes in other sports such as golf or tennis.

Vintage Hats

As you think about vintage hats, you may be picturing old-timey styles. That’s not quite what we’re talking about here, though those are vintage options. Both dad hats and baseball caps come in vintage styles. For dad hats, the same style remains, though the hat starts to look a bit tattered and worn. Broken in and distressed looks are very popular, as no one likes the look of brand new, never worn clothing.

Vintage baseball caps most often resemble the style of old baseball uniforms from years past. Wearing these caps is a way of honoring a team from a certain period in history. These caps can also be distressed and made to look tattered just as vintage dad hats are. For examples of each, check out KBethos’ selection. We are a wholesale hat supplier with an array of options for whatever look you desire.

Beach Hats

Beach hats have quite a range. They are meant for outdoor use where the sun is powerful and relentless. They offer a sense of style and provide shelter and practicality with their snug fit around the head. The large brim around the entire circumference of the hat blocks the face, neck, and even part of the shoulders from sun exposure. You will often see this type of hat at a beach or on individuals who are gardening.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats were around long before baseball hats, yet they weren’t manufactured until around the same time. For many centuries, men riding horseback implemented the use of a broad-brimmed hat to block the sun and protect their faces, ears, and necks. They are a signature style item for cowboys now and throughout history.

Throwback Hats

There are many throwback hat styles that present some controversy regarding whether they are popular. The fedora, for instance, is a style that has gotten a lot of mixed reviews over the years, though it does tend to reappear every once in a while. It made its most notable appearances in the early 2000s yet still finds its way into modern trends.


Visors are another type of headwear that made an impression in the early 2000s. You may remember pairing them with popped polo shirt colors and wearing them upside-down, but they’ve come a long way since then. Visors are mostly reserved for the same athletes that wear baseball caps. Tennis players, softball players, and golfers make up the largest group of visor wearers; they’re the ones who truly keep this trend going.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats take us all the way back to the 90s with iconic movies, music videos, and celebrity sightings in a variety of patterns and designs. With an influx of influential social media users donning these hats in the past year, it’s clear that these floppy-brimmed headpieces are back with a vengeance. They can be seen on several celebrities, giving a laid-back and chill vibe to many outfit types.


Hipsters may sound like a weird category, as it is more of a description of a person than of a hat, but hipster style has changed the way hats are worn. Moreover, it’s brought back styles that may have otherwise been left in the past.

Slouch Beanies: Beanies that were once worn as winter hats are now designed to be longer and give a slouchy appearance at the back of the head. These roomier versions of an old design bring a new spin to a throwback hat.

Hipster Beanies: Similar to the reimagining of a standard winter beanie, hipster beanies are either shorter hats or standard styles in which the edges are rolled to allow the hat to cover just the top of the head and the tips of the ears.

Newsboy Caps: The newsboy cap dates as far back as the 1800s. This tweed headwear is also known as a flat cap and was common among the working class in the 19th century. Without the popularity of hipster style trends, this hat would not have become one of the different hat trends of 2021.

There are many different hat styles ranging in popularity depending on the preferences of the person wearing them. However, these are the most prevalent trends so far this year. There are still several months to determine what fads will come next. It looks like our old standbys are here to stay, but who knows when the throwbacks will fade back out of the spotlight.