How To Set Your Retail Fashion Brand Apart

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February 5, 2021 1:07:39 PM PST February 5, 2021 1:07:39 PM PSTth, February 5, 2021 1:07:39 PM PST

The list of apparel brands currently on the market is boundless. Take note of the characteristics that will help set your retail fashion brand apart to triumph over others. Knowing and capitalizing on the things that make your brand stand out is sure to help you succeed.

The Difference

The main component of setting your company apart is ensuring that potential customers understand the difference between your brand and another. Shoppers know that similar items are available from many different retailers. Letting them know what makes yours unique will allow you to appeal more effectively to your target.


One thing that can absolutely make your brand stand out is comfort. Regardless of if the products, clothing, or materials you sell look the same as your competition’s, the customer can tell the difference. Clothing that is comfortable to wear while still giving the desired look can help you pull ahead in the race to the final sale. Material matters to consumers. There’s nothing worse than ordering online and receiving something that feels and looks way cheaper than you expected.

Stay Current

We are entering a digital age in which those who don’t adapt fall behind. Stay current on how people like to shop and hear about products, goods, and opportunities. Understand how they receive and believe information. This goes further than just making sure you’re on the right social media platforms—make sure you’re posting frequently and with purpose. Additionally, staying current means offering trends that can grow with your customers. You don’t want them to look elsewhere when they “outgrow” what you’re offering.

What’s Trending

Pay attention to what’s trending. Everything you sell doesn’t have to meet the needs of every possible customer. Offer styles for multiple ages and demographics. For example, here at KBethos, we sell bucket hats because they’re back in fashion, but for those who prefer classic styles, we offer wholesale vintage hats to give the consumer options.

Isolating a group of clients by only catering to fad fashions can be dangerous, as a trend can be gone in a flash. Be sure that, as you spend time catering to a trend, you maintain classic items that never go out of style. It would be a shame to only cater to the trends of one generation.

Social Responsibility

In a whole different way of trending, pay attention to what’s important to society and the world. From promoting civil rights to reducing a carbon footprint, attaching your brand to a cause can set you far apart from similar brands. When deciding your company’s stance on issues, be careful not to ostracize customers you want to target. Try to stick to causes that are equally beneficial for all humans, such as reducing the amount of waste your company produces or implementing eco-friendly packaging. You may want to avoid public stances on things such as political views, as it may alienate a lot of people who may otherwise want to buy from you.

Maintain Quality

As touched on earlier regarding comfort, quality is important to your current and potential consumers. Apparel that wears out, rips, or develops holes soon after purchase will not keep the customer returning. Maintaining the quality of your products is notable to those who buy from you, and it often prompts them to tell others about the success they’ve had with your brand. Quality products can guarantee a customer for life.


Part of maintaining quality is using quality materials for your clothing. People appreciate cotton because it’s soft, but other fibers prevent shrinking. Finding a suitable material ratio to provide both benefits is essential. If you’ve ever ordered something off of a website and it showed up made of basically children’s costume material, then you know the struggle of the current online shopper.


Pricing needs to be reasonable, but the average consumer doesn’t mind paying a little more for a quality brand product over that of a competitor. Shoppers want to know they can count on consistency when they choose you. Once you prove that, they’ll have no problem increasing your bottom-line to get what they desire.

Customers Matter

Much of the subject matter here points to a single, overarching topic, which is whether customers feel like they matter. There are many ways to show those who patronize your website or store that you value them and the business they bring you. It’s more than just saying it in a post online or a mission statement. Dedicated and loyal consumers are those who feel cared for throughout the process, from the moment that they enter your store or site all the way through the life of your products.

Easy Navigation

One of the easiest ways to let your guests know that you appreciate and value them is to make online or in-person navigating painless. Upon entering your store, if they have trouble finding items they see displayed on mannequins or ads in their size or on a rack, they will feel frustrated. Your store shouldn’t be a labyrinth of clothing. Clear sections and helpful workers make for happy customers.

In the same vein, if your website or app is difficult to navigate, the impatient consumer will simply leave and find a similar product elsewhere. Simplify the online shopping process in whatever way you can.

Winning Service

Helpful and communicative people dedicated to customer relations are a vital component of creating happy customers. It’s fine to use automation to help a customer get to the right person to answer their questions, but when possible, a live person can make a difference. Most of the time, people just want to feel like someone hears and understands their concerns. Ensuring that you have customer service representatives who will meet their questions, comments, and concerns with understanding and compassionate solutions will surely set your brand apart from others.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sometimes, it can be hard to make things right. There are going to be people who you just can’t seem to please. Mostly, however, people who complain are feeling upset because they spent money and did not receive the product they expected in exchange. Consider implementing money-back guarantees or additional small tokens of appreciation when sending adjusted or fixed orders. These can be small, such as a bracelet or a key chain (bearing your brand’s logo) to make people feel like you haven’t taken advantage of them. Moreover, you did what it took to make them happy.

Learning how to set your retail fashion brand apart is a process with a lot of moving parts. Some of those will change, while others will always be of value—similar to apparel styles. You can never go wrong with putting customer satisfaction, care, and quality products above all else.