How To Run a Promotional Giveaway

A promotional giveaway is also known as a promotional product. These items have a company’s logo imprinted on them to remain relevant with a target audience.

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The way of printing can be done with embroidering, patching, heat-transfer vinyl, or screen printing depending on the type of product. Often, the item type is determined by what a target group of consumers would value. If you’re aiming for sports fans, hats, shirts, and drinkware can be popular. If you’re promoting a company geared toward business professionals, pens, mugs, and bags are prevalent. To understand how to use these items in the most advantageous way, you’ll need to know how to run a promotional giveaway.

Run a Contest

The main reason for promotional campaigns is to create brand awareness and turn a profit. A great way to generate free advertising for your brand. Giveaways are a great marketing tactic, as people love free loot and it will undoubtedly engage people.

You’ll first need to decide what kind of contest you’re looking to run—whether it be a photo, video, or posting contest, sweepstakes, or a lottery. Choose a social media platform or a specific site that will host the contest.

If you choose to run the contest on multiple platforms, you should select a winner on each. This way, a customer will visit a variety of your sites and platforms in an attempt to increase their odds of winning, though, on your end, you’ll gain traction and brand exposure.

Establish Clear Rules

You’ll need to establish clear and easy-to-understand rules for your contest. Be sure to be explicit with the wording you use because someone will always pick it apart. Establish eligibility, whether a purchase is required, the dates for entering and winner choosing, the criteria for judging, odds of winning, and the privacy laws regarding the identity of the winner.

Set clear deadlines and make no exceptions. Be sure to do as much hype as possible right before you decide on a winner to keep people engaged, and make a big deal when winners are chosen. Your current followers already back your brand—the idea is to get new people to follow you and take an interest.

Make Relevant Prizes

If you want people engaged in your contest, you’ll need to make relevant prizes. Be sure to consider your brand and what the interests are of those who follow you. Additionally, you’ll want your prizes to be something that causes shameless exposure and advertising for your business.

Acquiring quality apparel like long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, or KBethos’ variety of masks and strap back hats in bulk to print your logo on can be very valuable to your contestants. Now, you not only gain the new traction you were looking for, but you also have an array of new potential customers and have been known for giving out good prizes.

Once you know how to run a promotional giveaway, it should be fun. This is a whole new opportunity to gain more customers with little cost to you. Surely, there will be things to learn from the first contest that will help you in future ones.