Expand Your Inventory With These 3 Baseball Cap Alternatives

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October 6, 2022 at 12:42:40 PM PDT October 6, 2022 at 12:42:40 PM PDTth, October 6, 2022 at 12:42:40 PM PDT

If you’re tired of offering baseball hats exclusively as a part of your inventory, consider stocking up on some new hat styles. This list of three baseball cap alternatives can help you expand your inventory for the new fashion season. Here are some fashionable options to include as a part of your branded merchandise or clothing line.

Fitted Hats

Fitted hats are a special take on the classic baseball cap. Fitted hats can look like baseball caps, featuring five to six panels sewn together, or they can share the structure of four-panel camp hats. Fitted hats don’t feature the adjustable closure in the back that many baseball caps do. However, fitted hats offer more consistent color and style thanks to the presence of a full back panel. You can also offer different brim types, such as fitted hats with curved brims, which are familiar to buyers. Flat brims are also an option for this baseball cap alternative.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a popular and trendy alternative to the traditional brimmed hat. Bucket hats offer a short brim to keep the sun off your face, but many consumers wear bucket hats more for the fashion statement they make. Unlike the traditional baseball hat, this type of hat has a relaxed, unstructured style. Bucket hats aren’t adjustable like traditional caps, so you’ll need to stock several sizes if you want to appeal to both younger and adult audiences.

Knit Hats

As we enter the fall season, knit hats should become more popular than ever for their fashion and functionality. This makes them a perfect addition to your business’s hat collection, especially if you want to capture the seasonal crowd. Knit hats, also known as “beanies,” are perfect for keeping your head warm on chilly fall and winter days. Beanies also offer plenty of surface area if you want to include an embroidered logo or other design across the band or front of the hat.

If the classic baseball hat looks tired or bland on your store’s shelves, try these three baseball cap alternatives to expand your inventory. You can find fitted hats, bucket hats, knit hats, and more here at KBETHOS. We offer all our hats in bulk inventory options so that you can stock your shelves for the fall fashion season with ease.