Creative Ways To Display Hats in Your Retail Store

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March 24, 2023 at 9:40:23 AM PDT March 24, 2023 at 9:40:23 AM PDTth, March 24, 2023 at 9:40:23 AM PDT

How you choose to display products in your retail store can make or break an item’s success and whether customers choose to buy it. Without a creative way to store and display your products, your customers will easily overlook them. This is why every store should regularly inspect and upgrade its layout and how it features products.

However, some products are easier to display than others. If your store sells hats, you may be struggling to find functional ways to showcase the products and encourage sales. If you’re looking for creative ways to display hats in your retail store, keep reading to gain some inspiration for how to feature your headwear.

Go Vertical With Your Displays

Hats are a nice choice for selling in smaller stores. They take up less space than large clothing pieces and allow you to get creative with how and where you store them. Displaying hats through vertical displays is a smart way to save space and place them directly in the eye-line of your customers. Here are some creative ways you can display your headwear vertically to save space and increase visibility.

Create a Hat Wall

If you have extra wall space to work with in your retail store, consider turning one wall into a display that features nothing but headwear. You have many options to display accessories like these along a wall.

Use individual hat hooks if you’re looking for an evenly spaced, neat display of your products. You can also mount hat racks and holders to create a floating effect rather than laying the pieces flat against the wall. Some hat wall displays also feature individual cubicles that allow you to draw attention to the front designs—this is ideal for keeping each hat variety organized.

Get creative and look into hat wall inspiration. You’ll find everything from DIY hat walls to professional displays. A hat wall can become a gorgeous feature and contribute to your store’s design and aesthetic.

Place Freestanding Floor Displays

Another way to display your headwear throughout your retail store is to use freestanding hat racks and displays. Whether you’re looking for branded or unbranded designs, there is a wide variety of commercial hat displays you can find.

And if the traditional wire shelving look doesn’t fit with the aesthetic of your store, you can easily create your own displays. For example, if you’re going for a more rustic type of decoration, consider stacking wooden crates or boxes on their sides to create cubbyholes for your hats. With this method, you can turn old shipping and storage containers into perfect display pieces for your retail store.

Group Hats With Clothing

If your retail store also sells clothing, grouping hats with similar styles of apparel is an excellent way to highlight your products. This subconsciously encourages customers to accessorize their whole outfit when looking at clothing. This way, you can encourage upsells by promoting related products and styles together. In fact, many boutiques and high-end clothing stores practice this strategy, so consider adopting it for your own layout.

Incorporate Custom Hat Displays

When all else fails and nothing seems to achieve the hat display you have in your head, you can always customize shelving or other display options. Custom displays work very well if you’re working with a tight space or an awkward store layout. They also allow you to combine several different display types, providing options for shelves, hooks, wire frames, pegboards, and more. Consider creating your own custom display that matches your store’s size and needs.

Don’t Forget Unstructured-Hat Displays

Some clothing stores prioritize displays for their structured hats because the headwear’s larger forms and shapes are more noticeable. But compare a wide-brimmed cowboy hat with an unstructured hat such as a beanie. Beanies are easier to store because you can simply stack them flat on top of each other like folded clothes. However, this makes the unstructured variety less visible and less likely to sell. Getting creative with how to display your structured hats is just as important as how you display the rest of your inventory.

Try a wired display that stretches the material and shows the full color and design of the product. You may also want to consider when unstructured hats are most popular, such as beanies in winter or bucket hats and baseball caps in summer. Find ways to incorporate unstructured hats like these into seasonal displays.

Add Mirror Displays

No matter what type of hat display you use in your store, don’t forget to include mirrors. Just like trying on clothing in front of a dressing room mirror, your customers will want to see what they look like in your headwear. Affixing mirrors to your displays or placing a stand nearby will allow your customers to get a preview of how they look.

This small act of convenience could even increase the number of hats you sell. Some customers won’t commit to a clothing or accessory purchase before getting an idea of how it will look on them. Providing a nearby mirror allows them to try on and perhaps fall in love with your pieces, encouraging purchases. Plus, adding this extra convenience can show your care for your customers and encourage them to shop with your store in the future.

Where To Find Hats To Stock Your Shelves

Now that you have some creative ways to display hats in your retail store, you’re going to need products to display with these methods. If you’re looking for high-quality hats in bulk, you’ll find a wide variety of styles at KBETHOS. We offer everything from vintage baseball caps to trendy bucket hats to match exactly what your customers are looking for. Ordering your best-selling hat styles in bulk helps ensure that you won’t sell out of stock when you need them most.

Then, once you have your hats, remember these display tips as you upgrade your retail store’s displays for a fresh new layout. These tips can help your store look more organized and encourage future hat sales, so don’t wait to upgrade your displays!