Challenges Clothing Retailers Experience

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December 7, 2020 4:28:01 PM PST December 7, 2020 4:28:01 PM PSTth, December 7, 2020 4:28:01 PM PST

This year has made for exciting and innovative times for retail businesses. Nothing has been easy, from not being able to be open at all to opening with a slew of rules, regulations, and implementation of new safety practices. It may not seem like it, but even with new challenges clothing retailers experience, significant advantages have been presented. Being mindful of these opportunities will help your retail business be more successful than you thought possible, even in these uncertain times.

Weather Conditions

Weather is a huge defining factor when deciding what to stock up on for your customers. Especially in areas where we fully experience all four seasons, you'll want to make sure you have the goods to keep your clientele happy. When catering to your customers' needs based on seasonal conditions, it's better to provide a few options.

Try to offer apparel for the current season, as well as the upcoming one. Different areas of the country have seasonal changes that take a while to level out. One day it's hot, the next week it's cold, and then suddenly it's hot again. Anticipation above all else is crucial. You're not expected to be a certified meteorologist, but you are expected to provide options for surprise weather conditions. The foresight will pay off when a sudden blizzard strikes following several mild weathered days.

Avoiding Missed Opportunities

As stated previously, anticipation in the retail business is essential. Avoid missed opportunities to have what the public needs by fully stocking up on main items. Don't be caught "out of stock" on hot selling or always in-demand pieces. Improper supply can result in the loss of sales. Besides keeping a full inventory of items that will never go out of style, a great way to stay up to date with new items is by focusing on upcoming trends.

What's Trending?

As we age, we begin to feel out of touch with the younger, incoming generations and their clothing trends. Luckily, the use of several social media platforms can be a saving grace. Not only is information and imagery on incoming trends more readily available, but the pandemic has also caused many people to venture into the creative sides of their personalities. Their outlet? Bold and customized pieces of course!

Additionally, we are starting to see some trends from previous decades reappear. This is the time to add crew neck sweatshirts, sweat pants, crop tops, bucket hats, wholesale blank strapback hats, and more to the collection of items you offer. Tie-dying, heat transferred vinyl, screen printing, and embroidery are just a few of the most popular things people are doing to make their apparel eye-catching and unique. Providing signature pieces in many styles or even blank materials for your customers allows you to stay on trend in a new (old) way.

KBETHOS offers hat styles for your store's collection in the quantity that works best for you. We have an extensive collection of on-trend hats appropriate for any season that your consumer may encounter. Consider the possibilities and embrace the challenges clothing retailers experience. You may find that these "challenges" are blessings in disguise. Give your retail business a reboot and see what's possible!