Catchy Class of 2023 Slogans for Senior Class Apparel

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Is your school board getting a head start on designing class materials for the upcoming 2022–2023 school year? Send your seniors off in style with creative class of 2023 apparel and other merchandise. No class shirt or hat would be complete without a catchy slogan—keep reading to find a wide list of catchy class of 2023 senior slogans for all your apparel design needs.

Class of 2023 Slogans

Everyone remembers the year they graduated, but class pride can help that year stand out in a student’s memory even more. Class slogans are a fun way to bring your students closer through a phrase or chant that uniquely embodies their class. These slogans are perfect for printing on class materials and apparel so your students will remember them for years to come. Here are some examples that might fit your upcoming 2023 class:

• Class of ‘23, Best You’ve Ever Seen
• Living the Dream, We’re the Class of ‘23!
• Proud Member of the Class of 2023
• The Best Things in Life Are 2023
• You Wish You Could Be Class of 2023
• Can’t Wait To Be ‘23

Senior Pride Slogans

Yearly class slogans aren’t the only way to celebrate class pride. Class apparel is also a wonderful opportunity to break out senior pride quotes and slogans. These catchy slogans are perfect for printing alongside your “Class of” quotes or for featuring on their own unique merchandise. Consider these examples of senior pride quotes for inspiration:

• Our Time Is Now
• We’re Only Just Beginning
• Ain’t No Pride Like Senior Pride
• Kiss Our Classes Goodbye
• Don’t Miss Us Too Much
• A Class Like No Other
• Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened

Best Applications for Class Slogans

Now that you have your class and senior pride slogans picked out, what do you do with them? Use these phrases repeatedly throughout your class materials, such as posters, schedules, planners, and anything else distributed throughout your school. This will help create a theme that sticks. Additionally, when designing senior apparel and accessories, include your class slogans to unify your students and stick to this theme. Some of the best apparel and accessories that your seniors will love include t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, tote bags, and more.

Designing class apparel and swag for your seniors is a lovely gesture to help send off your graduating students with items they’ll cherish. These catchy class of 2023 slogans make the perfect addition to your senior class apparel collection and are sure to get stuck in your student’s heads. Don’t forget to choose apparel items the match your school’s colors and theme too. To find a wide selection with all the colors you need, shop blank dad hats at wholesale prices here at KBETHOS.