A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Hat Closures

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The average consumer might not be able to tell the difference between distinct types of hat closures, but these slight changes can make a significant difference in the hat varieties your business carries. Some types of hat closures work better for some audiences and purposes than others. Learn more about hat variations through this quick guide to the different types of hat closures.

Fitted Hat Closures

While examining the different types of hat closures, you can easily break them down into two main categories: fitted hat closures and adjustable hat closures. Fitted hat closures are ideal for hats with complex designs, as they offer more real estate for design space. However, because this variety doesn’t support the “one size fits all” approach that adjustable hats take, you’ll need to stock a variety of sizes to fit your customers’ sizing needs. This category of hats uses fitted panels or elastic to fit snugly on the head.


Snapback hats are one of the most traditional and widespread options when it comes to adjustable hat closures. Snapback closures are perfect for offering a “one size fits all” hat and will fit a wide variety of customers, from young to old. This type of closure is usually situated at the back of the hat between panels and features a plastic or metal snap and band to connect to. These snaps offer a snug fit and hold up well even in tough conditions.

Hook and Loop Fastener

Hook and loop closures use small fasteners and friction to stick together. Hook and loop fasters offer ease of use and some of the most efficient sizing for any type of hat. Because of their ease of use, many hat manufacturers design hook and loop fasteners for children’s hats, though this fastener can be useful for hats of any size.


Strapback, or buckle closures, are another traditional hat fastener. Strapback closures connect the back panels of the hat with a fabric belt and a plastic or metal buckle. Strapback hats offer the most secure method of closure and a snug fit, which makes them ideal for sports gear or working conditions. This type of hat closure may be more difficult for a child to adjust, which is why snapback or hook and loop fasteners are ideal for children’s hats.

We hope this quick guide to the different types of hat closures has helped illuminate the differences between these common types of hats. When choosing a type of hat and hat closure for your merchandise, it’s important to consider your target audience and what type of hat will suit them best. For example, strapback dad hats make a great choice for many audiences. You can find wholesale blank dad hats as well as more strapbacks, snapbacks, and more here at KBETHOS.