Explaining the Rise of the Dad Hat

Hats are an interesting piece of apparel. They provide shelter from elements, advertise for businesses, and cater to trends of certain groupings.

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Though some styles of hats come and go depending on the generation, other classic styles tend to never leave the popular fashion spotlight. The most successful hat types are the most versatile and usable by several groups of people. In explaining the rise of the dad hat, you’ll see why this is a favorite amongst many.

What Is It?

The dad hat became popular in the 90s and can be linked back to the 1970s. It’s basically a baseball cap. Not to be confused with snapbacks, flatbrims, or even fitted hats, a dad hat is made of cotton or canvas with a brim that’s only slightly curved. They’re often a little oversized or loose when worn. They were made popular by celebrities and then were later seen on many college campuses at the end of the twentieth century.

How Is It Versatile?

Dad hats are so versatile because they can come in any color, yet the wearer can adjust it to fit their personal style. They’re easy to wear and became popular since they could be worn by everyone from athletes to tradespeople. They can be patched, embroidered, patterned, or a solid color.

What Can You Do With Them?

Dad hats offer practicality and utility with a relaxed fit and curved bill. They can be used for protection, fashion statements, covering unkempt hair, or adding a layer of dimension to a wardrobe. Due to the many variations of this one item, they’re great for promoting a business or making a statement. Take advantage of KBethos’ dad caps wholesale available to help a blooming apparel business thrive or use it to stock up for personal use.

Explaining the rise of the dad hat is fascinating since it hasn’t seen a fall. Most hat styles fluctuate in and out of current trends, yet this classic cap has remained consistently popular. Consider the ways you can make such a common clothing item unique to you.