Best Bucket Hats Styles Predicted for 2022

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September 10, 2021 3:02:02 PM PDT September 10, 2021 3:02:02 PM PDTth, September 10, 2021 3:02:02 PM PDT

If you haven’t stocked up on bucket hats for your merchandise business yet, now is the time! Bucket hats are trending now more than ever, and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere as we move toward 2022 either. Here are some of the best bucket hats styles predicted for 2022 and why they will be as trendy as ever.

Will Bucket Hats Still Be in Style?

It’s hard to say whether clothing and fashion styles will still be trending from year to year. However, if you had asked most fashion bloggers if bucket hats would still be trending in 2021, they likely would have answered “no.” Bucket hats probably haven’t even hit their peak yet. Their design and wearability will likely last them through the fall season. Their comfortable and stylish design will likely keep them on the radar through 2022 as well.

Style and Comfort

Comfortable clothing is currently dominating the fashion industry—think flowy dresses and pants, high-waisted, mom-fit jeans, etc. Bucket hats are a huge part of this trend because of their flexible design. Some hats are structured and offer less breathability, but not bucket hats. And with cold weather coming to some states very soon, comfortable clothes will only receive more demand. Comfortable fashion will trend through 2021 to 2022, bucket hats included.

Textured Fabrics

From crochet to distressed materials, textured fabrics are still trending on the runway. Another perk of bucket hats is that their flexible design allows for various materials, including the vintage, distressed look. This compatibility with many fabrics means that bucket hat manufacturers can create bucket hats out of whatever textured materials are trending.

Overall, it seems like bucket hats aren’t going anywhere in terms of style. With comfy clothes and textures on the rise, these are some of the best bucket hat styles predicted for 2022. And if you want to stock up on these trendy hats for your business, check out our line of wholesale bucket hats right here at KBETHOS.